Metal Tech GX470 Rear Coil Conversion Kit Stage 1

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Original Coil Conversion Kit 2.0 by Metal-tech 4x4 - 100% Made in the USA

Original Coil Conversion Kit 2.0 by Metal-tech 4x4. In late 2007 Metal-tech 4x4 invented the Original bolt-in conversion kit for Lexus GX's. Now, 15yrs later we have updated the design with an easier to install and higher performance machined aluminum body and precision machined custom coil isolator. The key difference is the top of the new aluminum centering puck featuring a recessed countersunk bolt mount, creating a flat striking face for the secondary spring (cone thing inside the top of the coil spring). This new flush face keeps the bolt from damaging the secondary spring on contact. In addition, the hardware included in the kit features a slim nylock (aircraft nut) that is much easier to install than the previous design. The kit is 100% CNC machined in the USA from US made material. The isolator used in the Metal-tech 4x4 kit was updated in 2022, we eliminated the rubbery off the shelf poly isolator.  Soft poly isolators can be too soft for some springs pigtails, leading them to crack the spring.   We moved to a CNC machined isolator cut from UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). This is a high-performance aerospace plastic that is perfect for this application. By custom machining the parts in house at Metal-tech 4x4, we were able to increase the flange size to better support the bottom of the coil spring. Most importantly with the UHMW machined isolator is the springs pigtail is properly supported with no chance of it cracking the spring. 

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New 2.0 kit includes: 

2 - Aluminum centering pucks 

2 - UHMW spring Isolators  

1 - Hardware pack 

1- Link to video install instructions  

History of the coil spring conversion kits: 

In 2007 almost no one wheeled a Lexus GX470 let alone modified them. We had a local customer ask if there was a way to lift his GX470, always curious we offered to look at it. We immediately identified it as being what is now common knowledge, but at the time it was not, that the truck was really a Prado120. We realized a suspension kit for an FJ Cruiser or 4th gen 4runner would probably install onto it. However, we had to figure out how to remove the rear airbags, defeat the electronics that would expect the bags to be there, then build a bolt-on solution for the lower airbag mount. We proceeded just because it was an exciting challenge, and the customer was down for us to try on his expensive 2yr old Lexus. It took us close to half a day to figure out how to pull the first airbag! We can remove one now in about 3 min. But again, no one was sharing how to do this back then. Next was to design a bolt-in solution for the conversion kit. The kit needed to be easy to install and center the spring correctly. We made the first bolt spring mount and installed it. It worked so well on the trail that we knew we had something to help other GX owners convert from airbags. We released the first bolt in conversion kits in 2008 and sold a whopping total of 2. That same year we released the first ever made armor for the GX with bolt on sliders. Again, sold 2 sets of sliders for that year!  However, over time with more GXs getting built, our conversion kits took off. Most of the competitors today that sell a bolt in conversion kit used to just buy them from us. Thus, why we call our kits the Original Coil Conversion Kit. Now it's been completely redesigned to the 2.0 version with all the new features of the precision machined parts. 100% Made in the USA. 

GX470 Rear Coil Conversion DIY Kit fits the following vehicle(s):

  • 2003-2009 Lexus GX470
  • 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner with rear airbags

Estimated Install Time: 2.5 hours

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