Metal-tech 4x4 Warranty: 

Metal-Tech Cage, LLC guarantees only products we manufacture under the brands of Metal-tech 4x4 and OPOR, to the original purchaser who owns the vehicle, with which the product was originally installed.  Metal-Tech Cage, LLC offers no warranty on any manufactured parts that have been modified from their original design, used in racing, or directly abused.  

To request any warranty, you must contact us at with a description of the issue, photo/video of the issue as well as a copy of the original purchase receipt with your full name on it.  This is required for any warranty requests. Your request will be reviewed and if a warranty looks like it may exist, Metal-tech 4x4 will issue an RMA # for you to mark in plain site on the outside of the return item.   The issuing of an RMA # does not mean the item has been approved for a warranty, just that it’s approved to be sent back for Metal-tech 4x4 factory review. Please note ALL warranty returns are at the consumers expense for shipping TO Metal-tech 4x4 for review.  If the item is determined to NOT be covered under this warranty, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay for any return shipping expenses. If it is determined the item IS covered under the warranty, Metal-tech 4x4 will fix or replace it with like kind product available at that time and ship the item back to the customer at no charge including the return shipping. Once the warranty is exercised, the warranty is over. 


Metal-tech 4x4 slider warranty:  

If you are the original owner of any Metal-tech 4x4 slider and somehow bend the main body or mounting leg on one of them, simply contact us with your original purchase receipt and photos of the slider. We will issue an RMA # for you to note on the slider as you return it pre-paid to us; shipping the slider back to Metal-tech 4x4 is the consumer's responsibility. It is not pre-paid or paid for by Metal-tech 4x4 to ship back to Metal-tech 4x4 for review. Once we receive your slider, we will inspect it, and if confirmed it is covered under this warranty, we will fix or replace it AND ship it back to you anywhere in the lower 48 - free of charge. We will also include a key chain made from a piece of your original slider. (To help tell the story of what it took to actually BEND a Metal-tech 4x4 slider main body). This limited lifetime warranty does not cover powder coating, mounting hardware, dents, or bending of rub rails. Dents and bent rub rails are typical of well-used sliders and carry great tales of what it took to conquer an obstacle or two, those stay. Once the warranty is exercised, the warranty is over. This warranty is for the typical use of a slider and not for sliders involved in automobile accidents. This warranty is void if abuse is determined.


Metal-tech 4x4 Bumper Warranty:

All bumpers made by Metal-tech 4x4 carry a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty is only valid to the original purchaser of the product. This warranty applies to weldments, the Metal-tech 4x4 welded components of the bumper. All items that are considered wear items, such as but not limited to, latches, bearings, hubs, pivots, seals, pop-locks, do not have a warranty. All warranties will need to be inspected and approved. It is the customer’s responsibility to send back the product in question for inspection including covering the return shipping cost.  If the item is determined to be covered under this warranty, Metal-tech 4x4 will fix or replace and ship back to the customer at no extra charge. 


Metal-tech 4x4 Links:

Metal-tech 4x4 Links have a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner on the weldment of the link.  This is the main body of the link that is welded to the bushing shell to be free of bending or cracking from normal use. Bushings, jam nuts, zerks, heim joints and Johnny Joints are wear items and NOT covered under a warranty.  

NOTE: Links MUST be maintained on a regular basis, backing the jam nut out then tightening it back down, then greasing the bushings. In high corrosion areas we encourage once a year, dissembling and regreasing or using anti-seize on the threads of the Johnny Joint and jam nut.  If a link has the threads pulled out at the Johnny Joint, this is due to lack of maintenance by not keeping the jam nut tight or allowing the jam nut to suffer corrosion locking it to the Johnny Joint, then turning with the Johnny Joint removing pressure to keep the threads locked tight. Driving on threads not kept tight will result in eventually pulling the threads out. Again, maintain and inspect on a regular basis. If you experience pulling the threads, we will review your request on a case by case basis, for a possible 50% discount on a replacement set.


Metal-tech 4x4 – All Other Manufactured Products Warranty

All manufactured products made by Metal-tech 4x4 that are weldments, welded parts of material, carry a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner on the weldment only.  Any item not welded- bushings, bearings, latches, pins, plugs, plastic features, heim joints, Johnny Joints, are considered wear items and do not carry a warranty outside of 45 days from purchase. Springs sold under the Metal-tech 4x4 brand have a 1yr warranty on primary structure from date of purchase. 


Finishes - Powder Coating/Anodizing/Cerakoting :

All finishes do not have any formal warranty, this is a paint process and its durability across different environments will greatly affect its longevity. If one is concerned with a finish like Powder Coating, we strongly suggest you order our raw product options and have them shipped to your local powder coater.  See shipping terms regarding any cosmetic damage due to shipping damage.  


OPOR LED Lights Warranty:

All OPOR LED Lights carry a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser* that an unmodified light, will turn on and produce light. Moisture inside of a working light is not a warranty claim (remove light, remove lens, let dry, then reassemble and reinstall). If at any time they will not turn on, (check your fuse, then ground connection) and you would like to request a warranty review, follow the instructions above. Once received Metal-tech 4x4 will inspect and if they do not light up, they will be replaced with new of the same kind and quality from OPOR. In addition, Metal-tech 4x4, will provide return shipping paid for any address in the lower 48. Once the warranty has been exercised the warranty is over.

 *Secondary owners or anyone without a copy of the original receipt, the OPOR Limited Lifetime warranty is extended at a 50% replacement cost. To exercise a warranty as a secondary owner, follow all the same procedures as original owners above.   

OPOR LED lights that have been modified in any way, including cutting off the DT plug, adding sealant to the lens etc. have the warranty voided at the time of modification.

Wiring harnesses included with any of the light kits do not have a warranty outside of 30 days from the date of purchase. 


Purchases by other manufacturers warranty:

Warranties on items produced by other manufactures that are purchased through Metal-tech 4x4 are warrantied by the original manufacturer. Metal-tech 4x4 is not responsible for any damage or issues with the items that are produced by the original manufacturer. All warranties are subject to the policies provided by the original manufacturer.   


Additional Warranty Terms:

All warranties do not include reimbursement for other costs, such as shipping of the product to or from Metal-tech 4x4, including the costs incurred during the down time of the vehicle or any incurred installation or removal costs. Warranties will be processed as quickly as possible, however express shipping of replacement parts will not be provided by Metal-tech 4x4. However, this is an option for the customer if they wish to pay for the express shipping themselves. International shipping is not provided in either direction for any warranty requests. Any international warranty request is processed like a domestic request, if deemed covered the items return shipping to a US based freight forwarder will be paid for by Metal-tech 4x4. Any product shipped to Metal-tech 4x4 without an RMA number will NOT be processed until the customer establishes an RMA number.  Any products without an RMA number OR determined not warrantable and left at Metal-tech 4x4 for 30 days will be considered abandoned by the owner and relinquished ownership to Metal-tech 4x4 to dispose of in the manner they see fit with no compensation owed to the owner.  Driving on or off road in any way is dangerous and can cause injury or death. The safety of all occupants in any vehicle is the responsibility of the driver, who accepts all risks of operating the vehicle regardless of how it is or is not modified and where they choose to operate the vehicle.

*Metal-Tech Cage, LLC is the legal business name for Metal-tech 4x4. Mention of either name in the explanation of warranties is to be expected and refers to the same company.


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