The seat is the critical point in which we interface with the vehicle. We feel what the vehicle is doing, how its handling and reacting, and provide control inputs accordingly. The seat dose so much more than just provide a place to park your rear.

Factory seats are designed to fit the masses and can become uncomfortable and unsupportive on a long drive, and even wear out over time. An aftermarket off road seat upgrade is much like getting a tailored suit giving you customized support and comfort tailored to your driving needs and body type. There are many 4x4 seat styles and options available to suit your requirements such as lumbar support, heated seats, and bolstering.

We find once you have tailored off road seats you will hold on to them even if you sell the vehicle, installing them into the next. You will experience less driver fatigue, better support on and off the trail, and an overall better driving experience with 4x4 seats. Contact us for customization options. 

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