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We at Metal-tech 4x4 take pride in everything we do and feel we deliver some of the highest quality off-road performance products on the market.  However, if you find that you are dissatisfied with one of our products, for any reason, please read and use the following information.



Contact customer service to issue an RMA number.  All items returned must be within 30 days of the date of shipment and must be accompanied with the original invoice and RMA number.  Items must be shipped pre-paid.  Make a copy of your original invoice for your own records.  A 20% restocking fee will be applied to all returned products.  Refunds will be issued the same method as the original payment.  No refunds will be granted after 30 days of purchase.  There are no refunds or exchanges on any special ordered item.


Back Orders 

All back orders remain on file and will be shipped upon availability.  Notify a sales representative if you do not wish to have back order items held.  All back ordered items are billed prior to shipment without notification.



All products that are manufactured by Metal-Tech Cage, LLC are handled with the most thorough care from assembly to packaging.  Metal-Tech Cage, LLC offers no warranty on finishes and no items are refundable for an unsatisfactory finish.  If items are damaged please see Shipping Claims.  Items that are sent raw should be stored away properly to prevent rust.


Core Charges 

All core charges must be received within 30 days of the shipping date for a full refund on the core charge.  Cores cannot be damaged or modified in anyway.


Shipping Claims 

Metal-Tech Cage, LLC is not responsible for any damages or losses incurred during shipping.  If a package appears to be damaged during shipping, the customer must notify the shipping driver or shipping facility immediately before opening to start a claim.  Metal-Tech Cage, LLC will not warranty any damages caused during shipping.  Failure to notify the shipping company can result in a loss or recourse to the damaged items.  Metal-Tech Cage, LLC is not responsible for any missing items that have been signed for by the purchaser or user.  The purchaser or user must contact Metal-Tech Cage, LLC within 30 days of any shortages in shipping.


International Shipping

For all international orders, including Canada and US territories Metal-tech 4x4 is shipping only to freight forwarders. All international orders must be shipped to a freight forwarder with a valid address within the continental US – we will not ship directly to your residence.  All orders will need to be pre-paid in full, clear any fraud warnings and must clear the bank before we can ship any parts of the order. No exceptions will be considered.

Payment for all international orders Metal-tech 4x4 will only accept bank wire transfers (in US dollars.) Metal-tech 4x4 does not accept credit cards or PayPal from any non-US resident. If you are in a US territory your credit card must be issued by a US bank. The Address Verification System (AVS) used by the banking system does not work with non-US banks; due to this we cannot verify the card holder’s address or name within the banking system, no other forum of ID can assist this. This policy has been put in place unfortunately due to increased international fraud that we have no recourse on. Therefore Metal-tech 4x4 will under no circumstances take any form of payment other than bank wire transfer (in US dollars). All bank transfers must be made in US dollars. All international orders must be shipped to a freight forwarder – we will not under any circumstances ship directly to your place of residence. Bank wire transfers can take up to 5 days to process by banks, so please keep this in mind.  All orders must be pre-paid in full and must clear our bank before we will ship anything.

Communication: We must be able to verify each order, sometimes needing to talk directly with the customer, so please only use email address and phone numbers you can be actually reached at. If we receive no response to our fraud inquiries, the order will be cancelled and refunded back to the original payment option. 

There are no customer cancellations, refunds, or returns for international orders. Backorders can happen with international orders; they may go out of stock before your order is completed. Metal-tech 4x4 will send parts only once they are available. Metal-tech 4x4 will not adjust invoices to save on duties or taxes. It is our responsibility to declare everything at the price at which we sell all items. All taxes, fees and duties are accountable by the recipient.

  •  All international orders must be shipped to a freight forwarder.

  • All orders go through a fraud filter, Metal-tech 4x4 may require more information to process the order. If there is no response, the order will be cancelled.

  •  Metal-tech 4x4 will not adjust any information about the order or the contents within to modify duties or taxes.

  • There are no customer cancellations, refunds, or returns for international orders.

  •  Products are not covered by any warranty from Metal-tech 4x4; International customers must deal directly with manufacturers for all warranty issues and or claims. Customers are responsible for filing damage claims with the shipping carrier.

  • The Customer assumes all liability once the item(s) reach the shipping address indicated on the order.

If you have questions or need a quote, please contact Metal-tech 4x4 to communicate with our sales staff. Thank you



Metal-Tech Cage, LLC guarantees only products we manufacture under the brands of Metal-tech 4x4 and OPOR, to the original purchaser who owns the vehicle, with which the product was originally installed.  Metal-Tech Cage, LLC offers no warranty on any manufactured parts that have been modified from their original design or directly abused. A copy of the original purchase receipt is required for any warranty issues. Powder Coating does not have any formal warranty, this is a paint process and its durability across different environments, will greatly affect its longevity.


OPOR LED lights carry a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser* that an unmodified light, will turn on and produce light. Moisture inside of a working light is not a warranty claim (remove light, remove lens, let dry, then reassemble and reinstall). If at any time they will not turn on, they may be returned with shipping prepaid by the customer to Metal-tech Cage, LLC directly with a copy of the original receipt of purchase listing they are the original purchaser. Please email for an RMA number prior to shipping.   Once received MT will inspect and if they do not light up, they will be replaced with new of the same kind and quality from OPOR. In addition, Metal-tech Cage, LLC, will provide return shipping paid for any address in the Lower 48. Once the warranty has been exercised the warranty is over.

 *Secondary owners or anyone without a copy of the original receipt, the OPOR Limited Lifetime warranty is extended at a 50% replacement cost.  To exercise a warranty as a secondary owner, follow all the same procedures as original owners above.  

OPOR LED lights that have been modified in anyway, including cutting off the DT plug, adding sealant to the lens etc. have the warranty voided at the time of modification. 


Warranty on items produced by other manufactures that are purchased through Metal-Tech Cage, LLC are warranted by the original manufacturer. Metal-Tech Cage, LLC is not responsible for any damage or issues with the items that are produced by the original manufacturer.  All warranties are subject to the policies provided by the original manufacturer.   

All warranties do not include reimbursement for other costs, such as shipping of the product to or from Metal-Tech Cage, LLC, include the costs incurred during the down time of the vehicle or any incurred installation or removal costs. Warranties will be processed as quickly as possible, however express shipping of replacement parts will not be provided by Metal-tech Cage, LLC. However, this is an option for the customer if they wish to pay for the express shipping themselves.  

Shipping and receiving: All orders that are shipped via freight must be inspected and approved upon delivery. If there is damage, the delivery needs to be refused or damage needs to be noted in the paperwork by the customer. If the person receiving the freight fails to note any damage, visible or hidden, and signs for the shipment in good condition, they are waiving all their rights of shipping insurance. Damaged freight that is signed for without noting the damage on the BOL has NO warranty. Metal-tech 4x4 is not liable for any damages or other issues due to shipping or delivery. It is up to the person receiving the shipment to verify they received everything they ordered has arrived and is in the condition expected, if anything is missing the person who placed the order must contact Metal-tech Cage, within 30 days of the order shipping. This includes all accessories, bolt kits, fit kits etc. All orders over 30 days past the shipping date will not be allowed for a return, an exchange or for any missing parts. Within the first 30 days, Metal-tech 4x4 will work to fix any reasonable issues.  

ANY return must arrive with a Return Authorization Number or RMA# written visible on the return packaging. This number will be provided by Metal-tech 4x4 support staff. Returns sent back to us without an RMA number will have considerable additional days of processing or may not even be recognized as a return at all. (We received individual parts from suppliers all the time, your non RMA marked shipment may just be put back on the shelf.)  

International and Outside the Lower 48 of the USA: Any claims (warranty, damaged shipping, missing items) outside of the lower 48 of the USA that are approved for replacement under warranty, will have shipping to a lower 48 US based forwarding service of the customers choosing paid for by Metal-tech Cage, LLC. Metal-tech Cage, LLC will not provide ANY direct shipping internationally for any warranty claim regardless of how it was originally shipped at the time of the order. There is no option for even customer paid express shipping on any approved warranty, all must go to a forwarder in the US mainland. 


Safety Disclosure 

Metal-Tech Cage, LLC has no warranty offered concerning the performance of the Metal-Tech Cage, LLC products after the installation.  Metal-Tech Cage, LLC is not responsible for use of its products off road or on road, quality of installation, the driving conditions or any combo of these factors.  The warranty is limited to the replacement of a defective product prior to installation that Metal-Tech Cage, LLC has deemed defective.  Items that have been modified or damaged during installation will not be covered under the warranty.  This warranty does not include the reimbursement for shipping of the product to or from Metal-Tech Cage, LLC and does not include any costs incurred during the down time of the vehicle or any other incurred costs.  Metal-Tech Cage, LLC products are designed for off road use only.  The purchaser and owner agree to the risks that can potentially result in death or serious injury while off-road.  Metal-Tech Cage, LLC is not responsible or liable for any damages, injuries or deaths that could potentially result from product failure.  The purchaser or owner is held responsible for all proper vehicle maintenance and is in safe operating conditions.

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