Lead Times

All Metal-tech 4x4 and Outpost Offroad products show current inventory. Any item(s) not showing inventory, contact us and 
we can share a specific date they will be available from our production side of the company. We make everything in-house so
we control our lead times.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us: 503-822-1111 ext.1 -OR-

For items that are not in stock, please contact us and we are happy to contact any company to receive and share a specific lead time.

  • IconLead time to ship is 1 to 2 weeks for most items 
  • RadfloLead time to ship is 2 to 3 weeks for most items 
  • Total Chaos- Lead time is 3 weeks
  • ARB/Old Man Emu- Lead time to ship is 1 to 2 weeks for most items 
  • Baja Rack- Lead time is 3+ weeks
  • Front Runner- Lead times vary depending on product, please contact us for updated information
  • BudBuilt- Lead time is 5-10 weeks, depending on product
  • Scheel-Mann- Typically in-stock only for specific items, call for confirmation
  • Engo- Currently not offering this product due to inconsistent availability, please contact us for updated information
  • ComeUp- In-stock only for specific items. Lead times vary by product, please contact us for updated information


Metal-tech 4x4 and Outpost Off-road pricing:

Metal-tech 4x4 will be doing dynamic pricing for our products. When we are building a product for inventory, if the material price increases, we will increase the price of that item to the same amount at that time. We have chosen to do dynamic pricing instead of trying to estimate what material cost could be in the future, and possibly overprice our products for our customers now. This means that items can and will change based on what costs we experience when ordering materials in real-time. Our website will be updated automatically, making the pricing dynamic and current. All prices shown on our website will be current and once you make a purchase, it will not change regardless of the increase in manufacturing costs. The bottom line, a purchase will lock in the pricing you see.


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