Metal-tech 4x4 GX470 Rear Coil Conversion Stage 3 (Stock Height) w/Key Cones

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Metal Tech 4x4 developed and introduced the original complete bolt-on Lexus GX470 rear coil conversion kit to eliminate leaky air bags. The GX470's came with factory air bags in the rear which are prone to leaking over time and can be very expensive to replace. 
This STAGE 3 KIT uses a STOCK HEIGHT SPRING for people who only want to replace the air bags and keep their vehicle Stock height. For lift springs use the Stage 2 kit with a lift kit sold separately. 

The Metal Tech 4x4 GX470 rear coil conversion kit solves all these issues by removing the air bags and replacing with new stock height coil springs   We achieve this by reproducing what Toyota developed for the Toyota Prado, 4Runner, and FJ Cruiser rear suspension setup.  First there is a bolt on spring locator that mounts to the axle housing with a polyurethane spring tail isolator that slips over for the bottom of the coil spring to rest on. Then we use a brand new stock height coil spring with Key Cones that keeps the spring in place and acts as a secondary dual action spring when the axle comes in hard contact when coming off a ledge.

This rear coil conversion kit is designed to be used for people who want to get rid of their air bags all together and go to a traditional coil spring at factory ride height.  This is kit is 100% bolt on with no additional modifications required. You will need to remove the fuse/relay inside the engine bay, as well as pulling the TEMS fuse in the dash

Kit Includes:
  • 1 Pair of Spring Tail Isolators
  • 1 Pair of Spring Locators
  • 1 Pair of Prado 120 Key Cones (description below)
  • 1 Pair of new stock height coil springs 

GX470 Rear Coil Conversion Complete Kit fits the following vehicle(s):

  • 2003-2009 Lexus GX470
  • 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner with rear airbags

Estimated Install Time: 2.5 hours

NOTE: The included springs in this Stage 3 kit are built to be replacements for "base" model GX460 rear coil springs.  This is the closest we can get to match what the GX470 would have if factory coils were used.   However with some of the GX470s one can feel them "bottoming" even with a non weighted truck.  This is actually the 150% larger frame bump stops hitting the axle first.  The GX470 airbag trucks have oversized frame mounted bump stops, vrs the OEM coilover trucks with a smaller height bump stop.    This about 1" of space can make quite a difference in travel.    This is an easy fix, to swap the rear frame mount bump stops to the coil versions.   You can get them from Toyota or from a local wrecking yard.  Any 2003 or newer 4Runner, FJ Cruiser or base model GX460 will have direct bolt on smaller bump stops that will work great.   Again not every truck needs these but know there is an easy solution if needed. 


Install Guide

Key Cones

Dual Rate high-performance polyurethane upper spring cones for rear mount applications. Toyota calls these “Secondary Springs" (commonly mistakenly called isolators by some). Key Cones were developed by Metal-tech 4x4 and Energy Suspension over a 3yr collaboration. This dual rate secondary spring is featuring Energy Suspensions proprietary polyurethane in two different durometers. The top accordion tip is soft when engaged and the lower body is firmer as your suspension nears the end of travel. Far superior to the single rate basic rubber found in the OEM application. Key Cones unlock hidden performance on your truck.

100% designed, engineered, tested, and made in the USA.   **Patent Pending**

(One truck uses one pair)



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