BudBuilt 03-09 Lexus GX470 5 Piece Combo w/o KDSS - Aluminum

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BUD-5PC-V8 4R 0309-2-ALU|1/4-FLATBLK
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(2003-2009) Lexus 5 Piece Combo- Aluminum Flat Black Powder Coat

Includes: Front Skid Plate, Mid Skid Plate, Trans Skid Plate, Custom Built Steel Crossmember and Fuel Tank Skid Plate

  • All 5 pieces bolt on to existing mounting points with no welding or fabricating required.
  • Provides a smooth bottom for your Lexus without holes and notches to catch things on the trail.
  • Covers from the front crossmember near the bumper to behind the transfer case.
  • Low hanging exhaust crossover pipe is protected with a smooth sheet of steel or aluminum.
  • Front alignment adjustment points are protected from rocks too.
  • Recessed flat head and carriage bolts give a nice smooth bottom.
  • Only a small drain hole for changing oil interrupts that smooth surface.
  • Rocks, stumps and lesser vehicles have nothing to catch on.
  • Edges are formed for strength and rigidity with gaps to allow for ease of cleaning and mud removal.
  • Front cooling slots and flow deflector engineered for maximum airflow and maximum protection.
  • Fits around stock cooler mounts and factory crossmember braces! No need for removal or relocation.

NOTE: If you order this set in aluminum, the crossmember will be powder coated black and made of steel. If you have a diff drop, you will need to get spacers from the maker of your diff drop to space your skid plates.

1/4" (6.35mm) Aluminum Alloy - TBD pounds (TBD kg)

Strength without the weight. Our 5052 laser cut aluminum alloy has the same strength levels as our 3/16" steel, but at a faction of the weight. We recommend aluminum where the application sees regular off-roading, yet limited potential for dragging on hard surfaces like rocks. While 1/4" aluminum has the strength to handle heavy rock impacts, it is much more susceptible to galling than steel, when dragged over rocks. Galling results in what looks like fine aluminum shavings by the rock that was dragged down the plate.  Another way of thinking about this is by first stating that aluminum has no problem at impacting an obstacle, it's what happens after impact that matters. After impact, if your driving style is to reassess the trail and choose a better line, aluminum is the right choice. If your driving style is to continue on the same line, as in rock crawling applications, we would recommend our 3/16" steel systems. Aluminum does not require prepping and repainting impact areas to prevent rust.

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