Bronco 6G Rear Aces High Bumper by Metal-tech 4x4

Bumper comes RAW, please choose add-on powder coating if needed - SHIPS FOR $249
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Aces High Rear Bronco 6G Bumper by Metal-tech 4x4

This bumper comes RAW. Please choose the additional powder coat add-on if you would like it to be painted. A minimum processing time of 2 weeks is required for the powder coating. If choosing the swing arm when purchasing the bumper, the powder coat option will cover both items. Pictures show RAW and Powder Coated options - SHIPS for $249

Aces High Rear bumper Shell- swing out capable now or in the future. US-made and proven on the Rubicon Trail and the trails of Moab, UT, the bumper was designed from the ground up to protect the frame, body, and rear tail lights of your 6th-gen Bronco. The bumper's corners kick outward under the taillights to protect them from side impact. The bumper shell wraps around the lower frame, protecting it on drop-offs or when you climb at an angle. The integrated swing-arm mounting system is ready to add a swing-arm now or in the future. Optional bolt-in CNC machined soft or hard shackle pull points Cerakoted (Ceramic paint) to the color of your choice. The optional in-house hand-built plug-and-play wiring harness directly plugs into the Molex tail light plugs. The wiring harness plugs right into the optional LED backup lights with waterproof plugs, powers the 3rd brake light and license plate lights, and has the needed extension to move the backup camera to the swing arm. NOTE: The wiring harness is only available with a bumper purchase. 

  • Swing arm capable now or in the future with a drop in spindle
  • Designed to protect the body and frameaces-high.png

  • Clears all back door-mounted spare tires

  • Integration for factory parking sensors 

  • Integrates with blind spot monitoring 

  • Integrates with OEM trailer hitch and wiring

  • Optional Swing Arm capable of holding up to a 40” spare

  • Optional bolt-in CNC machined and Cerakoted soft shackle recovery points 

  • Optional LED backup lights 

  • Optional two NATO fuel/water can mounting systems. 

  • Optional plug-and-play wiring harness supporting all lights and backup camera 

All Ace Of Hearts rear swing-out arm is a modular design, so you can add what you want when you want. The swing-out beam features a top of the tire angled in and a slightly lowered spare tire mount, increasing the rear departure angle and greatly improving the driver's visibility out the back window. The swing arm can hold up to a 40” spare, with all the load to the bumper/frame and no load on your back door.  

  • 100% bolt-on no modifications to your truck

  • 40” tire capable

  • 2000lbs rated Stainless Steel Latch

  • 2000lbs rated Motion X Pivot System w/ drop in spindle and twin tapered radial bearings and seal. 

  • Integrated Back-Up Camera mounting system included

  • Gas strut system makes opening/closing with minimal effort included

  • LED 3rd Brake light and stainless steel mount, included

  • Integrated mount for Antenna, Cell Booster, or Sand Flag

  • Bolt-on landing/latch pad for bumper w/CNC machined high-density polyethylene (HDPE)ware pads for the swing arm. 

  • Two mounting points for two optional NATO Fuel/Water can carriers.

NOTE: The swingarm is an add-on item; it comes raw unless the bumper is chosen with a powder coat option, in which case the powder coat will include the swing arm. The picture shows an optional powder-coated swing arm, fuel can carrier, and fuel cans, which are add-on item(s) sold separately. 

The Aces High rear swing-out bumper is designed so all moving parts are fully serviceable, rebuildable, and replaceable, ensuring a long product service life. Backed with a limited lifetime warranty.


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Cerakote - is known for its durability and high performance, holding up very well against impact, abrasion, corrosion, and chemical penetration. Cerakote also exhibits extremely high levels of heat resistance.


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