Metal-tech 4x4 Fuel Can Holder (Single)

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Metal-tech 4x4 NATO metal fuel can holder is laser cut and formed then powder coated black. The holder comes with a base and then sides that are put together with included stainless steel hardware to form a sturdy long lasting items capable of heavy use. The locking strap with stainless steel latch holds the can in place over the roughest terrain. A standard padlock can be used to lock your fuel cans in place. The Metal-tech 4x4 NATO Fuel Can Holder fits the Wavian fuel cans, they come directly from the same manufacturer that has supplied many NATO countries for over 75 years and are the highest quality jerry cans on the market today. 
Wavian fuel cans are available for purchase from Metal Tech 4x4, sold separately here.
Fuel can sold separately.  Note fuel can holder mount to a Metal-tech 4x4 bumper is sold separately. 

  • 1 Can holder powder coated black
  • 1 Can locking strap with stainless steel latch
  • Mounting Hardware stainless steel

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