TRED GT Recovery Traction Boards

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Using TREDs in snow, mud, sand, or loose terrain can help you get out of a tricky situation. When you don’t have a winch or other abilities to pull yourself out, having TREDs on board is the way to go. They’re easy to use and are a critical piece of recovery equipment every adventurer should own.
TRED GT, Grand-Touring, recovery devices are designed to deliver a superior level of design and performance for those looking for off-pavement fun.  TRED GT is an all-in-one traction board that’s specifically intended to get all-terrain vehicles, ATVs, or other equipment recovered when traction is lost in a variety of environments. Manufactured from high-quality automotive-grade polypropylene, TRED GT delivers superior strength, impact resistance, and durability.  Rated for 8.8 pounds, paired with its all-weather material composition, the GT will offer up superior performance in sand, mud, or light snow.
TRED GT Features & Benefits
•Made from high-quality automotive-grade polypropylene
•All weather: 32º - 131ºF
•Comes in five unique colors: blue, green, red, gunmetal grey & military green
•Rated for vehicles up to 8,800lbs
•Ultra lightweight: 6lbs each
•Designed to work well in sand, mud, and light snow
•Improved flex for maximum performance•Increases tire-to-terrain contact patch
•Sold as a pair (2 boards)

Additional Features

Lower Profile - Better Stacking TRED GT’s have been designed with a lower profile and tighter nesting to save valuable storage space. This also allows for shorter mounting bracket pins due to reduced stack height, meaning less equipment protruding from your vehicle.



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