Stainless Steel Camp Table

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A lightweight and sturdy stainless steel tabletop. Aluminum locking legs. Ideal solution for eating and food preparation. Sturdy and lightweight. Hygienic, easy to clean stainless steel top. Ultra slim, can be mounted for transport underneath the Front Runner Slimline IIRoof Rackusing theUnder-Rack Table Slides - by Front Runner. *For details on fitment see below.* WILL A FRONT RUNNER TABLE FIT UNDER MY SLIMLINE II ROOF RACK?There are 2 factors to consider:Is the roof rack TALL ENOUGH? All Roof Rack kits with a designated TALL mounting option have room to fit a table underneath. If your Slimline II Roof Rack uses a Front Runner Foot Rail mounting system, a table will also fit underneath. Many other Front Runner Roof Rack kits have enough height to mount a table underneath, but please keep in mind, we recommend 5cm/2 of clearance between the bottom of the roof rack and the highest point of the roof. Is the roof rack LONG ENOUGH? For REAR MOUNT installation, the table requires a Slimline II Roof Rack that is 1358mm or longer (7 slats). Please check the SPECS tab on any Slimline II Roof Rack for exact measurements of the rack tray. For a SIDE MOUNT installation, the table requires a 3 slat opening (the space between feet/legs). All Front Runner Foot Rail mounting systems have an opening that fits all widths of tables. If youre still not sure if your rack will work with a table underneath, please contact us.

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