PRP Enduro Seat

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The Enduro is PRP Seats newest reclining suspension seat designed for daily driver use. This is the perfect PRP seat for your Toyota FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser, 4Runner, Tacoma or Tundra.  The PRP Enduro seat is a great alternative to a fixed back suspension seat with the ability to recline.  PRP's Enduro seat and the rest of the PRP seat line can be used in Metal Tech 4x4's New FJ Cruiser Aftermarket Suspension Seat Bracket System.  The lower sides on this seat provide easier entry and exit into your lifted Toyota, while still providing great hip and shoulder containment. With a 2" taller backrest and a bent headrest it provides the maximum amount of seat space in small truck cab spaces. The Enduro reclining suspension seat is 33” tall and 22” wide and has the ability to adjust the back position forward or backwards to your liking.  View Seat Dimensions

Every PRP seat is hand made to order and are fully customized to your liking.  There are no additional costs to the different materials or color, simply chose your color and fabric for each part of the seat.  To view the different color options click on the pdf file (PRP Seat Color Chart).  Once you have figured out the fabric material and color that you would like to have on the different parts of the PRP Seats, select your choices in the drop down menu box.  
Seats are an aftermarket item that need to be installed correctly. Make sure to check all guidelines before installation to ensure proper functionality.

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