OPOR Soft Shackle Rated 38,500lbs

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Outpost Off Road Soft Shackle

The OPOR Soft Shackles provide a secure and reliable rigging option for vehicle recovery. They are made from 12mm high quality UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecule Weight Polyethylene) synthetic winch line available in highly visible orange or red and a stealth grey. They are rated at 38,500lbs and allow for quick and easy rigging with a greater level of safety. The OPOR Soft Shackles are 1/3 the weight of traditional steel shackles and are a great addition to any vehicle recovery recovery kit.  

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Soft Shackle Features:

  • 38,500lbs breaking strength
  • Made from high quality UHMWPE synthetic winch line
  • 12mm thick rope
  • Field serviceable
  • Quick safe rigging option
  • Less than 1/3 the weight of a traditional steel shackle


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