OME 2019 - Current Ranger Suspension Heavy Lift Kit (US Model Only-Winch)

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Old Man Emu is proud to offer an integrated 2.5-inch system that easily bolts on and provides excellent control off-road. The Ford Ranger suspension lift kit has been developed as a complete suspension system to ensure alignment can be returned to factory specifications.


  • Can handle up to 2.36" front lift & 1.57" of rear suspension
  • Meant for heavy applications
  • Provides additional ground clearance
  • Increased ride height & ride quality
  • Improved comfort & handling
  • Includes installation instructions & hardware

Complete Suspension Upgrade with Improved Performance

While taking your midsize stock 2019-2020 Ford Ranger is certainly possible on some off-road trails, it should be a priority to get some suspension upgrades. Increased height ensures that your truck has more ground clearance, better damping performance, more control, and the ability for bigger off-road wheels and tires. However, it takes many components to ensure that you get a total package. Instead of picking and choosing leveling parts yourself and wondering if they are compatible with one another, it is helpful to pick a kit that provides everything for you. Crawling trails with your 2019-2020 Ford Ranger has never been easier and more convenient with ARB's Old Man Emu (OME) 2" Complete Suspension Kit. The complete lift kit includes complete front and rear upgrades of your truck's shocks and struts. A rear add a leaf is also provided for more off-road readiness and hardware is included to complete the kit. This kit is optimal for Rangers that carry a heavy load. It functions from 12,000 lbs to GVM, but its optimal performance lies at 12,000+ lbs. Leaf spring bushes are a handy accessory for greasable shackles. Besides the shackles, a greasable pin makes servicing requirements easier. U-bolts for the leaf springs top off the additional hardware needed.

Impressive Front Suspension

In the front of the Ranger, you'll find two Nitrocharger sport struts and coil springs to handle the first half of the vehicle's suspension. The front struts were designed to instantly adapt to any terrain to increase control and comfort in any situation dramatically. Compared to stock, the struts perform better with road texture, and even with larger potholes and road features. The open length of the struts is 20.28" while the closed length rests at 13.9". Because of factory geometry, 2.36" of lift is maintained with an adequate level of droop because of the Old Man Emu's springs. The 2.2 lb, 0.69" diameter coil features an impressive spring rate of 60t lbf/in. The 15.35" free height springs are made out of X5K Steel to withstand whatever obstacles the underside of your Ranger may encounter. This version of the springs also were designed to be compatible with winch setups on your bumper.

Best Configuration of Rear Suspension

Rear lift upgrades include two Nitrocharger sport shock absorbers, leaf springs, and suspension hardware. These Nitrocharger shocks were crafted to function great no matter if you're carrying a load or not. Through lots of testing, the best shock configuration was achieved for a comfortable, controlled ride with the Nitrocharger shock. The open length of the shock is 24.6" while the closed length rests at 15.16". The Old Man Emu heavy load leaf spring pack replaces the global Ranger leaf springs, which although the former works with this application, the Old Man Emu takes performance to the next level. Two leaf springs provide desired lift and ride qualities that you need for a smooth ride. The springs are helpful for heavy weight loads, exceeding 12,000 lbs. The springs measure 1.77" of stack height and 1.97" of eye diameter in the front and 1.29" in the rear. The primary free camber measures 9.49". The leaf springs also feature 150 lbf/515 in and 26.2 N/3.56" of spring rate. To top off the Old Man Emu rear lift kit, you will also receive all required hardware for fitment.

High-Quality Build & Impressive Warranty

The OME 2" Complete Suspension Kit is designed to withstand the rigors of off-road adventures and the harshest elements. Constructed from durable materials, that have been thoroughly tested for strength and longevity, the kit is the perfect upgrade for on- or off-road applications. OME includes all necessary installation instructions and hardware and offers an outstanding 3-Year/37,000 Mile Limited Warranty to help protect your investment.

Included in Kit:


3141 Front Coil Spring 1
90040 Front Strut 2
EL120R Rear Medium Load Leaf Spring Pack 2
60156 Rear Shock 2
OMEU81 Leaf Spring U-Bolts 4
OMESB117 Bush Kit OE Shackle 2



Fitment: 2019-2020 Ford Ranger 4X4

Winch Compatibility: This kit is designed for a bumper that is fitted with a winch. If your bumper does not have a winch, then you might be interested in this kit instead.


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