Metal-tech 4x4 Lexus LX570 Rock Sliders

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Rock Sliders comes RAW, please choose add-on powder coating if needed - SHIPS FOR $199
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Metal-tech 4x4 Lexus LX570 Sliders

*All rock sliders come RAW, powder coat is available as an add-on option for $199 - pictures are for reference of a powder coated slider.

Ship for a FLAT $149

Limited Lifetime Slider Warranty: If you ever bend a Metal-tech 4x4 rock slider, contact us, send it back, and we will fix or replace it. More information available on our warranty page.
Metal-tech 4x4 rock sliders provide the best protection for your LX570 while maintaining a functional step.  These sliders have been designed to provide a high level of ground clearance and kick out to keep your quarter panels dent free.   

LX570 rock sliders required a whole new way to think of how sliders mount to a truck in order to make them truly integrated. 

The Metal-tech 4x4 LX570 rock sliders were designed #1 to be a slider to protect the truck. A full sub-mount system distributing the load across the entire mid-frame with 5 vertical mounting blades to support the outer main rail is the hidden heart of the system. Frame-mounted blades are at each end of the slider, very little of the main body leading or trailing ends are left unsupported. The outer main rail is a fully boxed (like the LX570 frame) rail with an outer two-stage tubing rub rail. The MT4x4 trademarked two-stage rub rail is designed to be just outside of the radius of the doors of the truck with the 2nd stage to push the truck away from any obstacles you are sliding past (tree, rocks etc.). Next, the lower dimpled AHC guard is an integrated key part of making a full box structure between the frame sub-mount, mounting blades, and primary outer rail. All of the AHC systems are protected. The whole system can be used to lift the truck via a jack with very little deflection. These sliders are perfectly balanced with a nice areas to use as a step, the rear kick out is filled with a dimpled plate and they work great as a step or access your roof rack. But we do not put “Step” in the name for a reason. These are armor first and foremost. 

Factory plastic side rockers formed into the OEM steps are removed and replaced with the sliders. Usually one will cut the take-off plastic steps so they continue to work as rocker covers like in the photos OR one can order OEM Toyota 200 series lower rockers for a full factory look (will require some trimming). Each side does require 6 included nutserts to be installed in the frame, all tools and drill bit to install are included. 

Constructed in the USA in house by Metal-tech 4x4 craftsmen out of laser cut and formed steel from .188" to .5", the primary boxed rail is 2x4x.188" steel with both ends ramped 45* with laser cut .188" ramps, the outer rub rail is 1.50x.120 DOM-SRA steel with our US Trademarked two-stage rub rail.  

LX570 rock sliders come powder coated black, 100% all the hardware including the specialty nutsert install tool and drill bit.  Nothing further is needed to install. 

This product features the use of Metal-tech 4x4's U.S. Trademark Registration No. 4,010,850 for the rail design.

Install time:

Approximately 5 hrs 


77 lbs net gain per side. Uninstalled each side is about 89 lbs including mounting hardware.  However, the total weight of removed OEM steps and AHC guard system is about 12 lbs per side so added weight per side is approx. 77lbs.   


Shipped in 3 custom cardboard boxes, must ship truck freight due to weight and size. Shipping weight including packaging is 196lbs. 


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