ICON 2022-UP Tundra 1.25-3.5" Stage 2 3.0 Suspension System Tubular

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The ICON Vehicle Dynamics 3.0 Stage 2 Suspension System for 2022-Up Toyota Tundra features ICON's 3.0 Series precision-manufactured, custom valved remote reservoir front coilover shocks with CDCV to yield up to 40% more front end travel with superior ride quality and suspension performance both on and off-road. In Stage 2, the 3.0 front coilovers are paired with matching ICON 3.0 Remote Reservoir rear shocks, also equipped with CDCV, which yield an additional 20% of rear suspension travel. This kit allows ride height adjustment of 1.25 to 3.5” of front lift and 0 to 1" of rear lift over stock. The 3.0 Rear Shocks provide increase piston area, fluid volume and surface heat dissipation to withstand longer stretches of aggressive driving through rough terrain.

The Compression Damping Control Valves (CDCV) control fluid flow under compression, allowing you to achieve the perfect shock tune whether driving on the street, slow-crawling through the rocks or mobbing across the desert at full throttle. Remote reservoirs greatly increase shock oil volume and heat dissipation surface area to resist overheating and cavitation under hard use, which can lead to damper fade, ensuring sustained shock performance at speed through rough terrain.

To accommodate the increased travel and lift height afforded by the ICON Coilovers, this kit comes with Tubular or Billet front Upper Control Arms which provide caster correction and feature ICON's proprietary Delta Joint. Stage 2 also includes billet rear suspension links to free up suspension bind and offer on-vehicle pinion angle adjustment. They're designed with extra ground clearance underneath and replaceable nylon rock sliders.


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