ICON 2008 - 2010 Ford Super Duty F250 / F350 7" Suspension System - Stage 2

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ICON Vehicle Dynamics is an industry leader when it comes to Ford SuperDuty performance. Our engineers have spent countless hours under these trucks and behind the wheel developing some of the most refined suspension systems available. Increasing wheel travel and ride comfort is standard operating procedure at ICON, but our engineers aimed high to produce a suspension solution that also maintained the SuperDuty’s towing capacity. ICON’s 7” Suspension System for the 08-10 SuperDuty yields enough lift to clear 37” tires while providing excellent ride characteristics across a wide variety of terrain on and off-road. Each component of this suspension system has been specifically engineered to work in union with other ICON parts to extract maximum performance out of the vehicle. Our Stage 2 System is comprised of 7” lift dual rate coil springs, fabricated radius arm drop mounts with brushed stainless badges, track bar drop bracket, bumpstop extensions, sway bar links, a forged pitman arm, brake line brackets, rear 5" lift progressive rate leaf springs w/ u-bolts, and 2.0 Aluminum Series smooth body front & rear shocks.

Key Features:

• Increased wheel travel and ride quality over stock with no change in towing capacity

• Decreased body roll

• ICON engineered dual rate coil springs with match tuned 2.0 Aluminum Series shocks

• Hard anodized aluminum shock body with 5/8” polished nitro steel shaft

• Heavy duty radius arm drop brackets

• Correctly positioned steering and track bar components

• Rear progressive design leaf pack for smooth compliant ride

• No drive shaft modifications needed

• Made in the USA

Wheel & Tire Fitment Info:

OEM Wheels & Tires:    Yes

Aftermarket Wheels:    8" - 9" Wide Wheel With 5" Backspace

Aftermarket Tires:       37" Tall Tires

                                    (Larger Tires May Fit but Fender Trimming and Modifications will be Required)

System Components:

67020    (QTY - 1)  - 2008-2010 Ford F250/350 7-9" Box Kit (Sway Bar Links, Bump Stop Spacers, Track Bar Drop Bracket, Drop Pitman Arm, Brake Line Brackets, Hardware)

67015    (QTY - 1)  - 2005+ Ford F250/350 7" Lift Dual Rate Coil-Spring

62530    (QTY - 1)  - 2005+ Ford F250/350 Alignment Cam Kit

64040    (QTY - 1)  - 2008-2010 Ford F250/350 Radius arm Drop Brackets

65500    (QTY - 1)  - 2008+ Ford F250/350 5” Lift Rear Progressive Leaf Pack

37003    (QTY - 1)  - 1999-2010 Ford F250/350 Rear 15" U-bolt Kit

66514    (QTY - 2)  - 2005+ Ford F250/350 (7" Lift) 2.0 Aluminum Series Front Shock

36508    (QTY - 2)  - 1999+ Ford F250/350 (3-6" Lift) 2.0 Aluminum Series Rear Shock


61500        2008-2010 Ford F250/350 Front 4 Link System

64030        2005+ Ford F250/350 Adjustable Track Bar Kit (Bushing Style)

64031        2005+ Ford F250/350 Adjustable Track Bar Kit (Bearing Style)

65000        2005+ Ford F250/350 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit (Qty-2  ICON 36511 stabilizers Required)

36511        2.0 Aluminum Series Steering Stabilizer Shocks  (Dual only / must use ICON 65000 for mounting)

66514R      2.0 Aluminum Series Remote Reservoir Front Shocks 

36508R      2.0 Aluminum Series Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks 

67620P      2.5" V.S. Series IFP Front Shocks (Pair)

67720P      2.5" V.S. Series Piggyback Reservoir Front Shocks (Pair)

67720CP    2.5" V.S. Series CDCV Piggyback Reservoir Front Shocks (Pair)

37601P      2.5" V.S. Series IFP Rear Shocks (Pair)

37701P      2.5" V.S. Series Piggyback Reservoir Rear Shocks (Pair)

37701CP    2.5" V.S. Series CDCV Piggyback Reservoir Rear Shocks (Pair)

Tech Info:

• 4wd Applications only

• Retains factory block with this system. Using a F350 factory block with sit the truck 1/2 - 34" lower than stock, or F250 factory block with sit the truck level or 1/2" higher pending how it came out of the factory.

• Optional dual steering stabilizer kit recommended with this 7” lift system. Must use (1) 65000 bracket kit and (2) 36511 stabilizer shocks for proper use.

F350 Super Duty

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