Lexus GX460 Secondary Air Intake Pump mod = "The Uni-Mod"

Posted by Mark Hawley on Mar 6th 2018

Lexus GX460 Secondary Air Intake Pump mod: "The Uni-Mod"

This is by far the best Sub $20 mod you can do to your Lexus GX460. 

The Lexus GX460 has a secondary air intake with a tiny foam filter inside of it. This foam filter has a reputation to break apart and be sucked into the plastic impellers and cause all kinds of issues including a common P2442 code. This is a write up to help show how to replace the poor foam filter with a quality yet inexpensive aftermarket filter.  

This is very easy to access on the truck with a low cost less than $15 and about 20 minutes total to do the job.

Location: The Secondary air intake pump is under the hood on the right front side of the engine compartment behind the right headlights. (See photo above, the red filter is on the intake housing)  Note: the right side of the truck is the US passenger side. 

Replacement filter: Uni-Filter #UP-107, this is a 1” clamp on breather filter

Tools needed: T25 Torx wrench

  1. Locate the Secondary Air Intake Pump. Using the T25 wrench remove the center screw holding the top cover on.
  2. Remove the top cover exposing the OEM foam and remove the foam. If the foam has started to deteriorate, use a vacuum and retrieve as much material as you can from the housing. Discard the foam.

  3. Locate the stock plastic mushroom cap on the top cover for the intake port. Remove the plastic mushroom cap and discard.

  4. Install the new Uni-Filter on the intake port where the mushroom cap was. Take car to align the hose clamp so the filter can be serviced if needed without removing the housing cover.
  5. Install the top cover with the new Uni-Filter on it back on the Air Intake Pump, replace center screw using the T25 wrench.

  6. Toss the removed Mushroom cap and foam chuck, they are no longer needed. 

     7. DONE! Go explore now with your GX460. 

Photo of the Metal-tech 4x4, 2012 Lexus GX460 in its natural habitat.  For more information on how to build your own GX460 please reach out to Metal-tech 4x4 anytime. or 503-822-1111

Credit for this idea goes to an online user by the name of “machine323” for pionering replacing this foam chunk of potential failure with a clamp on filter.  Well done machine323. 

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