I think my flex joint is/did pull the threads out of the link body!

Posted by Mark Hawley Owner Metal-tech 4x4 on Jun 27th 2024

What should you do if your link Jam Nut was not kept independently tight and the flex joint is pulling the threads out of your link?

Check your Nuts! The Jam nut is meant to be up tight against the black body of the lower link. If the nut is not kept independently tight against the shoulder of the link, the link is then allowed to push and pull directly on the threads. Over time, the joint threads will start to pull out of the threads on the lower link. When we say independently tight for the Jam nut, it can move freely if backed off and not frozen (usually corrosion) to the joint threads. If the jam nut is allowed to "freeze" to the joint threads, it becomes part of the joint and will rotate with the joint. As the suspension articulates, the rotating motion of the links can back the link body away from the flex joint/frozen to it jam nut. This is not good. This will not happen if the jam nut is independent of the joint and is kept tight against the body of the link. We ship out links with a "Check your nuts" patch as a reminder to check them regularly by backing the jam nut off to confirm it's independently moving, then tightening it down. Twice a year or every other oil change is a good time to check them. If you follow our social media, we have adopted the national "Nut Day" of Oct. 22nd as our official "Check your nuts" day and the mid-year date of April 22nd, just as a reminder for everyone to grab a wrench, back that nut off, and tighten it back down. What do you do if your flex joint end pulls the threads out of the link?

  1. Stop driving the truck. You need all the links to be intact and solid.
  2. Replace the link and preferably also the flex joint with a new jam nut.
  3. If you have to use the vehicle, you can push the flex joint back into the link body and fully weld the link directly to the flex joint. Again, it is a temp fix, and it is not recommended to leave for any duration of time. Then replace it.

Is this a warranty issue? Officially, it is not a warranty issue; it's a lack of maintenance issue. However, if you are the original purchaser, provide a copy of your order, and upon request, we will issue you one new lower weldment, the black main body of the link, at no charge. (The first one is free; it's time to assess the condition of your other link!) If the jam nut is frozen in your joint, you should work to free it or choose to get a new joint and jam nut. We do have those available for purchase. Contact our customer support staff if you have questions. 

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