Can I use a 12k winch with your bumpers?

Feb 23rd 2024

We design our bumpers with the industry standard foot down 10" x 4.5" bolt pattern Warn winch, which was established years ago for planetary-style winches. 9K to 10k winches are typically what you find performance-wise in this size, and the winch envelope is meant to support winches of this size.

However, some companies sell winches with their brand on them; most are actually not making them, where, for marketing reasons, they brand them as 12k. They put a bigger diameter 1/2" winch rope on them. Then, to hit the 12k pulling point, they gear them down. This results in two things. #1 This winch is almost half the speed for recovery due to the gear down. #2 Due to the 1/2" rope vs. 5/16" or 3/8" rope, you end up with about 30' to 40' less to work with on the drum. Unfortunately, some winch brands add a bunch of unnecessary shapes to the body to make it look bigger and stronger. Again, it is for marketing reasons, not performance. This makes installing them in compact spaces not ideal.

A good 9.5k to 10k winch will fit in most winch envelopes, have 80' to 100' or more of line, and have quick recovery speeds. If one should ever need "more power," a snatch block doubled back will almost 2x the pulling power.

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