6th Gen Bronco, Rivian R1T, FJ40 and Jeeps Off-Roading through Deep Snow in Oregon Backcountry

Apr 3rd 2023

What better way to test a vehicles capabilities then driving it through deep power? 

We put a 6th Gen Bronco, Rivian R1T, FJ40 and two Jeeps to the test, driving through deep snow in Oregon backcountry along Lolo Pass trail at the base of Mount Hood. The snow was a few feet deep and we were lucky enough to get the first tracks that day. To prevent any of the vehicles getting overheated we took turns breaking the trail. This was a well needed wheeling adventure which showcases the amazing ability of all these unique vehicles in the snow.

Every vehicle performed well and was able to make it off the trail in one piece. The 2023 Rivian R1T surprised us with it's high level of adjustable clearance and ability to slide over obstacles. It was completely stock and the owner, Josh, waited on airing down for as long as possible to see what his brand new truck was capable of. It got stuck a few times but luckily some winching and traction boards were enough to solve the problem...

The Metal Tech 4x4 Ford Bronco performed great with the 37" Falken Tires and Dual Radflo Coilovers we had equipped. Also showcased are the new 4 Door Frame Mounted Sliders that we released earlier this year as well as our Front Winch Mount Bumper and Rear Swing Out Bumper which are currently in the works.

The FJ40, despite being the oldest vehicle by far, was able to keep up and even out perform many of the other vehicles at certain points along the trail. Check out the full video from our snow wheeling trip below!

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