ARB Ford Bronco Rear Bumper (Narrow Flare, 2021+)

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ARB Ford Bronco Rear Bumper (Narrow Flare, 2021+)

Combining functionality, strength and protection, ARB has designed and developed two
ARB rear bumpers that each retain OE tow bar and wiring. The rear bumpers include two jack
points and incorporate twin chassis-mounted rated recovery points. To complement the
ARB protection equipment range to suit the Ford Bronco, the rear bumpers are finished in
IntegritTM textured black powder coat.
The rear bumpers have been developed to suit either the wide fender flares (Sasquatch
Package and Wildtrak Trim Level) or narrow fender flares Ford Bronco specifications.
The rear bumpers mount to the vehicle chassis with a combination of M12 and M16
fasteners and captive nuts within the vehicle chassis.

• Vehicle-specific designs suit Ford Bronco wide or narrow fender flares
• Durable steel construction delivers maximum protection
• Twin jack points located in outer wings suit ARB Jack or mechanical jacks
• License plate relocated to spare wheel; LED license plate included in kit
• Compatible with rear parking sensors and OE tow bar
• Zinc rich primer for additional corrosion resistance
• Finished in IntegritTM black textured powder coat (Color coding not offered)
• Vintage silver center panel houses the two central sensors and OE tow bar
• Shipping dimensions: 30 x 80 x 40in
• Approximate shipping weight: 195lb

Laser cut provision is provided for the OE rear parking sensors. OE parking sensors have been mapped and their performance closely replicated when fitted to the Bronco. When fitted with larger diameter tires these parking sensor positions and range may also be affected. Further real-world testing has been conducted evaluating the operation of the sensors against such items as trash cans, parking posts, wire fences, large rocks and steep driveway entrances. Test results show that sensor performance is replicated as close as practical with the change in the sensors’ location. Painting of parking sensors is not recommended due to the potential unknown effect on the operation of the sensors.

Each bumper comes standard with two reinforced jacking points fitted to outer wings,
perfect for the ARB Jack.

Dual chassis mounted forged 8T recovery points are included. Each recovery point is 8T rated and mounted to the rear bumper chassis mount with 5 x M12 fasteners. The forged recovery point suits either 4.75T bow shackles or ARB soft shackles (PN ARB2018).



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