ARB External Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor System

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Flat tires and punctures can happen at anytime, on the pavement or off road. To meet customer demand for a simple, easy to operate and install aftermarket External Tire Pressure Monitoring System, ARB has partnered with a leading Global TPMS manufacturer to supply both an external and internal kit.

Many new vehicles come with a factory installed external tire pressure monitoring system as a safety system allowing drivers to be alerted to a at tire or puncture.

Available as either a DIY external sensor kit, or an internal valve replacement kit, both TPMS units feature a small 12V socket mounted display that is compact and easy to read. Showing tire pressure of all 4 tires in real time, this tire pressure sensor system can quickly detect punctures or excessive temperature, giving both a visual and audible warning to alert the driver of possible tire failure.

While the display utilizes the vehicle 12V socket, the display includes a 5V/1A USB port that allows for the charging of devices such as mobile phones and GPS units without having to remove the unit from the socket.

Display Features & Specifications:

  • Monitoring pressure range: 10-75PSI
  • User adjustable alert threshold (adjustable range: 18- 66 psi/1.2- 4.5 Bar)
  • Selectable pressure and temperature measuring units (psi/Bar- C/F)
  • Fast/Slow leakage alarm (Audible & Visual)
  • High temperature alarm (Audible & Visual)
  • Low battery voltage alarm (Audible & Visual)
  • Operating Frequency: 433.92+/- 0.5MHz
  • Operating Voltage: 12v (+/- 3v)
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ +70°C (-4°F ~+158°F)
  • USB charge port output : 5V/1A

Note: TPMS systems are not suitable for use with liquid tire sealants

DIY External Sensor Kit

The DIY kit comes with screw on valve cap sensors that are factory paired and labeled to the corresponding tire, allowing the system can be fitted in a matter of minutes. Simply replace your current valve caps with the small sensors and then secure in place with the provided lock nuts and tool.

External Sensor Specifications

  • Operating Frequency: 433.92+/- 0.5MHz
  • Sensor Battery Voltage: 3V
  • OperatingTemperature:-20°C- +60°C (-4°F- +140°F)
  • Pressure Range: 0-75 psi/0- 4.8 Bar
  • Working distance: Sensor to display: 5m / 16.5ft (Vehicle dependent)
  • Easy screw-on-design with lock nut Small sensor design- only 23mm dia x 16mm high & 10g weight
  • Sensor batteries included

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