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Currently finalizing this new winch bumper. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 503-822-1111 xt.1 or
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Front bumper for the Ford Bronco by Metal-tech 4x4 - coming soon.

2021 Ford Bronco Front Winch Bumper 
Current plans for The 2021 Ford Bronco Front Bumper 
Direct bolt on armoring solution for your 2021 Ford Bronco. This is a non-destructive bumper install requiring no cutting of your painted factory Bronco bumper skin.  We designed the this bumper 100% in CAD from 3D laser scans of the truck allowing one of the cleanest fits to the truck possible keeping the approach angle maximized for the front and sides.  
We use state of the art design and engineering tools like 3D Scanning and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to develop all of our bumpers.  We analyze the products real-world physical behavior by virtually testing the CAD models against linear, non-linear, and dynamic loading, allowing us to raise product quality and product durability ensuring a long service life.
LED lighting:
Two integrated recessed LED light pods ready for two optional 20w LED lights that can be wired directly into the stock fog light system.   The center is designed with an integrated pocket for an optional 25" LED single row light bar.  If a light bar is not used in this pocket there is an optional delete grill available to fill this space.  (shown in photos) 
Winch ready:
Room for most planetary style winches tucking back almost entirely under the front grill with the control solenoid remote mounted under the hood.  
The 2021 Ford Bronco front winch bumper is a two part design with the winch mounting system independent of the bumper shell for an easy installation.  The winch mount is installed first, then the winch can be installed and wired without having to lift an entire bumper with a winch mounted to it.  The bumper shell then attaches to the winch mount allowing for a custom fit to your vehicle body.  
Look for this new bumper coming soon from Metal-tech 4x4 - sign up for our newsletter for all updates at

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