Metal Tech 2014 - 2021 Lexus GX460 Tiger Shark Front Bumper - Stage 1

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Metal Tech 2014 - 2021 Lexus GX460 Tiger Shark Front Bumper - Stage 1 

The Tiger Shark front bumper for the Lexus GX460 provides excellent approach angle and front end protection giving you confidence while out in the back country. 
We use state of the art design and engineering tools like 3D Scanning and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to develop all of our bumpers.  We analyze the products real-world physical behavior by virtually testing the CAD models against linear, non-linear, and dynamic loading, allowing us to raise product quality and product durability ensuring a long service life.
Using a two part design with our winch mounting system independent of the bumper shell, the Lexus GX460 Tiger Shark Front Bumper allows for an easy installation process.  The winch mount is installed first, then the winch can be installed and wired without having to lift an entire bumper with a winch mounted to it.  The bumper shell then attaches to the winch mount allowing for a custom fit to your vehicle.  
We include provision for up to a 10,000LB winch with access for the clutch and solenoid.  Integrated 3/4" recovery points are mechanically interlocked through the shell and tied to the winch mount inline with the frame for confident vehicle recovery rigging.  
The vulnerable AC condenser lines are protected on either side by a pair of steel guards which also conceal them from view.  Underneath the winch mount is a brush guard designed to keep branches and debris from contacting the radiator.
There are laser cut openings for LED flange mount fog lights, (included with stage 2 and stage 3), and for a 30" single row LED spot/flood combo light bar, (included with stage 3), providing you with better illumination. Also included in the Lexus GX460 Tiger Shark Front Bumper are LED turn signals recessed into the bumper shell for protection but still providing visibility.
We value the factory safety and convenience systems from Lexus and have designed the Tiger Shark Bumper to work with these systems maintaining stock functionality.  We provide laser cut holes for the front parking sensors to mount securely.  The Lexus GX460 Tiger Shark Front Bumper also allows you to keep your head light sprayers in their factory location.  
Stage 1 Includes:
  • Bumper Shell and winch mount
  • AC line guards
  • Brush Guard
  • LED Turn Signals w/ Resistors
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Winch ready two part bumper mounting system
  • Winch clutch easy access
  • Integrated 3/4" pull points mechanically locked into winch mount 
  • Integrated LED Turn Signal Indicators w/ resistors
  • Powder Coated textured black 
  • Laser cut LED fog light pockets
  • Laser cut LED center 30" single row light bar pocket
  • Installation requires modification of the front bumper plastic

Optional Accessories:

Estimated Install Time: 6 hours

Stage 1 Bumper Additional Vehicle Weight: 95LBS


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