Ford Bronco Metal-tech 4x4 Tube Doors


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Coming soon- Tube doors for the Ford Bronco by Metal-tech 4x4


Metal-tech 4x4 2021 Ford Bronco Tube Doors

Metal Tech tube doors are a direct fit, bolt-on tube door for the 2021 Ford Bronco. Stainless steel paddle latches make it easy to get in and out of your Bronco and secure the doors tight with the included strike plates to tell the truck the door is latched and the dome light can shut off.  

These feature 1.5” tube framing around the doors and precision CNC laser cut mounting plates for a guaranteed first fit. Easily supporting the weight of a 200 pound adult sitting on the door--these Metal Tech tube doors are extremely strong yet under half the weight of the typical tube door. 

Each set of Metal Tech tube doors are dipped, baked, sand blasted, and then powder coated black for the best protection and performance. 

Design and cost subject to change

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