200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser Sliders (2008-2020)- FREE SHIPPING -Scratch and Dent

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Metal Tech 4x4 200 Series Sliders for the Land Cruiser with Metal Tech's signature two stage rub rail design.




Photo is a STOCK photo and not the actual set.    


About this set:This set is being sold with scratches and powder coat damage.  In addition to install this set the front gusset will need to be notched approximately 1/2".  The gusset was welded vertical vrs our normal 30* to the side, it will make contact to the KDSS line unless its notched.    This is why this $1650 set of sliders is being offered at this price and FREE shipping anywhere in the lower 48.   This is a set of sliders sent to a customer that due to the gusset location, we are giving that customer a full refund.   That customer has kindly offered to hold them why we put this offer out with FREE shipping as we will send them directly to someone looking for a killer deal.    Plan for the powder coating to be all scratched up due to the second freight handling.  However for $899 and free shipping just consider them a full repaint. 


Free Shipping:   Free shipping to the lower 48 to a commercial address or local trucking hub (usually near major airports).  However if you would like these shipped to a residential address we can have that done for an additional $100 cost. 


IF STOCK says 1 available, these are still available.   However if stock is out, they have already sold. 


Scratch and dent items may have been previously installed for testing purposes or mock-ups. Some may have manufacturing errors or blemishes, and some may have slight damage from shipping such as dents, scratches or nicks in coatings and finishes. Could possibly be open boxes, possibly used or installed, or returned items in like new condition. Some items may be missing small components you may need to source yourself.

We have tried to share the issue with each item, though there may be additional issues.

All items will be shipped as-is, oftentimes without wrapping, box or pallet.

Metal-tech 4x4 will not be responsible for any damages that occur upon the shipping of this product.

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Main Body: The CAD developed sliders are built on an “aircraft wing” type of construction. The outer “skin” or shell is precision laser cut 3/16” steel and formed on CNC forming equipment. On the inside of the 200 Series Land Cruiser Metal Tech sliders there is a combination of ¼” and 3/16” inner ribs support the outer shell. This produces and extremely rigid, relatively light weight main body for the slider. The forming of the slider shell also allows for it to flow with the rounded lines of the 200.

Rub rail:  The outside of the slider has a two-stage rub rail. The aft portion of the rub rail is 1.5” further outward that the front half. This area of the slider will push the back end of your truck away from the obstacle you are traversing (This helps save your ¼ panel)!

Mounting:  Each side uses two main points distributed down the body of the slider.  Each mounting point bolts solid to the frame. 

These are finished with a complete wash, pre-bake and sandblast before the coat of semi-gloss black powder coat are sprayed and baked on. Both the inside and the outside of the 200 Series Land Cruiser Metal Tech sliders are powder coated, the only ones in the industry like this. The new Metal-Tech 200 Series sliders truly are “Protection Evolved”.


  • Protection in extreme off road use

  • 100% Precision Laser Cut and Formed Steel

  • 2 Stage Rub Rail

  • Powder Coated Inside and Out

  • Bolt-on installation

Estimated Install Time: 1.5 hours 

Install Guide

These Sliders fit the following vehicles:

  • 2008-2020 Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser

 This product features the use of Metal-tech 4x4's U.S. Trademark Registration No. 4,010,850 for the rail design.

2021 models: The Metal-tech 4x4 sliders will fit your frame, body and lines of your 200 series like all other years. However Toyota has moved some of the existing mounting holes that our sliders use. To install our sliders on a 2021 the installer will have to add additional mounting holes to both the frame and the slider mounts to accommodate these changes, this will add approx. 3hrs to your install. At the request of the installer Metal-tech 4x4 will supply additional mounting hardware needed to accommodate these updates for the 2021 model year.

200 Series Land Cruiser

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