100 Series Rear Bumper - Dual Swing Out - DIY pre-welded and powder coated

MSRP: $4,000.00
(You save $2,000.00 )
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100 Series Rear Bumper $2,000 (Originally $4,000)

This is a special bumper.   We have only three of these for clearance.  Officially a non-production test run, at this point a "DIY rear bumper with swing out" that is all welded and powder coated.   This specific bumper is not going to production due the overall cost to produce. The bumper alone at full price was to be over $5k to be like the photo. We have got back to the drawing board and are working on a new version that will be similar to the same parameters as this one but have a much lower entry cost point than $5k+.  The test beta run of these bumpers was 6 units.  The proto is from this run has been in use and performing flawlessly for over 3yrs, now currently living on the East Coast.  We have two more units installed in the wild working hard.

We have held back these 3 units due to them needing some "adjustment" by the installer for final fit, enlarge a hole, shim to fit, assemble latch link system etc.  Common beta run stuff for a new product to install, the Bumper installs and fits on the truck.  Some hardware sourcing will/may be needed,  a general use bolt kit will be included as well as gas struts for both of the swing arms.  


You will receive: 

1 Bumper shell 100% fully welded and powder coated 

1 Receiver hitch, powder coated

2 Swing outs, powder coated

1 General hardware kit, including swing arm latches (May require some additional hardware) 

2 Gas Struts 

General install guide 



NOTE:  Photos show a utility rack or fuel can holders, these are NOT included in this blow out pricing.   However we do stock and sell these and have them available if you would like to purchase them.  The fuel can rack is $349.95 (need 1) and the Can holders are $278.95 each (need two). Links below for both. 

Fuel can Holder:

Fuel Can Rack for two Can holders: 



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